Oh, uh... Hi Potatoes! Welcome to the video I said would never happen! More Five Nights at Freddy's 2 theories! This is LITERALLY the LAST one. No more after it. These are strictly bonus theories. Do not expect more FNAF theory videos. This is the LAST Five Nights at Freddy's Theory.


Okay, for those of you who watched my "Last" FNAF2 theory video to the very end, you saw that Dylastic18, Derpy, and I all figured out that Foxina has two heads. You know what else I found out after that? Well, after watching the trailer again to analyze for myself, I looked at the pictures on the wall. "My day at the NEW Freddy Fazbear's" was on most of them, except for 2. Those two had children holding what looked to be the parts of Foxina on one of them, the other with a child holding her eye. Foxina also appears to be in a broken pile in KID COVE. Maybe the kids have to put Foxina back together? Maybe the kids have to take her apart? Maybe the kids have to find her eye? Her head only has the left eye, and the second head has the right eye.

If the kids have to take her apart, then it explains why she wants to kill you. I'd go insane after that everyday. Reminds me of Toy Story 3.

It makes sense now why Scott wouldn't show us much of Foxina in the Foxina photo, as she has two heads, and the curtain was covering that. The Foxy on the left of the Foxina photo is most likely the the second head, before it was destroyed multiple times by children. The Old Foxy from FNAF2 has multiple holes in his face, while the one in the Foxina photo looks brand new. The Foxina in the Foxina photo looks nothing like Foxina in the Trailer. In the photo, it has Blue and White makeup on like New Bonnie, while the Foxina in the Trailer is all white, and looks like a Rat. Going back to the pictures on the wall, though. Another thing that all but the two had in common was some sort of Puppet-thing was in the pictures. One shows the thing coming out of a present, and another shows it giving a present to a kid. It looks horrific, all black, except for it's face, which looks like a Shy Guy's. It has the strings attached and the wooden handle mijigger above. Is this a new Animatronic? I don't know, but hopefully Scott does. This has been me, Hoshcof, I hoped that you have enjoyed. This has been the very last Five Nights at Freddy's Theory. Thank you all for watching, support GLaDOS by becoming a Potato and subscribing! PEACE!