The Adventurers are the name of a group of 4 people, consisting of Zac "Hoshcof" Hoover, Kirin "KjKoopa123" James, Jack "Createapie" Lay, and Nolan "SirVulture" Corbett. Originally they uploaded on the channel currently known as Hoshcof, but on the second anniversary of the channel, Zac announced that The Adventurers were moving to their own channel. They have since disbanded, due to a falling out between the friends. Kirin now has a vendetta against Zac, causing the attack on his live stream of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Nolan just drifted away from Zac and Jack, not wanting to hangout or talk much. Zac and Jack are still best friends, however, and continue to make videos together on Super Sexy Gamers.

The Adventurer's Quest

Their main series The Adventurers' Quest was canceled during it's second season on Hoshcof's channel, due to inability to record regularly and lack of support from fans.